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The HR Symposium is an annual inter-university competition that invites students to showcase their knowledge and know-how in human resources management as well as their analytical skills and communication skills.

Bringing together more than 300 students from 9 universities in Eastern Canada, the HR Symposium is one of the largest human resources competitions in the country.

The HR Symposium aims to promote exchanges between member universities of the Regroupement des Facultés d'Administration de l'Est du Canada (RÉFAEC), as well as the business world and to allow participants to compete with their peers in an atmosphere of camaraderie. and healthy competition.

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The Jeux du Commerce is an inter-university event that has brought together the academic world of Eastern Canada since 1989 for academic, athletic and social competitions.


The objectives of the competition are to foster relations between the future generation of business people and companies, to create lasting links between participants, to develop initiative, to encourage healthy competition and above all excellence.



The Financial Open is  the largest academic competition in finance and accountancy of the East of Canada. Bringing together more than 350 students from 10 RÉFAEC universities, the competition aims to promote careers in finance and accounting in addition to providing a place for students to meet and discuss with key players in the industry.



Happening Marketing aims to promote exchanges between members of participating universities and the business world. This academic competition also allows participants to compete with their peers in an atmosphere of camaraderie. Happening Marketing will offer students an experience closer to their future professional environment, a strategic, competitive, but above all creative environment.


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