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The Regroupement étudiant des facultés d'administration de l'Est du Canada (SAMFEC) represents more than 40,000 students from Quebec universities, the University of Ottawa and the Université de Moncton.


Founded in 1986, SAMFEC brings together representatives from thirteen universities who work for the recognition of their degrees in the workplace and for the success of the students in their faculties.


The mission of the SAMFEC is to enable the academic, social and professional fulfillment of business students from Eastern Canada who are members of its member associations.


The objectives of the SAMFEC are :

  • To promote communication between member associations;

  • To ensure the holding and sustainability of competitions under its aegis and of conferences between member associations of the SAMFEC;

  • To develop relationships with public and paragovernmental organizations, businesses and business associations in order to bring students closer to their reality and provide them with better tools to enter the job market.


Regroupement Étudiant des Facultés d'Administration de l'Est du Canada (SAMFEC) was founded in 1986 and really took off a few years later with the creation of the Jeux du Commerce in 1989. For the first time, the associations of the faculties of administration had the opportunity to meet to exchange ideas and work methods, in addition to having the opportunity to continually surpass themselves through friendly competition, whether on the academic, sports or social level. The association was first known as the Regroupement Étudiant des Facultés d'Administration du Québec (RÉFAQ), composed of eleven Quebec universities across the province.


Over the years, two other universities joined the group, allowing the association to grow and become the SAMFEC. Over the years, the SAMFEC has been enriched by three other major competitions: the Happening Marketing (1991), the HR Symposium (2000) and finally the Financial Open (2006). Year after year, representatives of the various universities have discussed several important political, academic and social issues.


These consultations aim to promote the talent of university students and enable them to stand out on the Quebec scene, while improving the management of university competitions and their impact on society. After twenty-five years of work, the SAMFEC is returning to its basics: the management of academic competitions. In January 2011, a restructuring of the executive and the representatives was concluded in order to solidify the achievements and to bring the reputation of inter-university competitions to a higher level.

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